cmi5 Extensions

The cmi5 working group has developed the following methods for extending features within the framework of the cmi5 specification. These are not required for cmi5 conformance (and are not part of the formal specification) but provide functionality that is compatible with cmi5. If these features meet your use case for what they provide, we recommend that you use them for interoperability and let us know if you have implemented them. If you have a cmi5 extension and would like it considered for this list, please notify us on our GitHub issues list as follows:

Submit cmi5 Extensions - Here

  1. Create A New Issue with a description of your extension
  2. Label Your Issue “cmi5 Extension”

cmi5 working group will monitor the usage/adoption of the features described here and consider them for possible adoption in future versions of the specification.

Course Structure Extensions

Runtime Extensions

None at this time